Chris Melia

Inventor & Founder

This is my story...

Our son was born during a summer heatwave and we were extremely worried about him sleeping safely in the heat.  Temperatures in our bedroom exceeded 28°C during the night and the air temperature outside was warmer than inside so opening a window only made it worse.  We had a GroEgg room thermometer which glowed red day after day constantly reminding us that the room is too warm!  We acquired a large tower fan, but this only moved the warm air around the room and did not lower the temperature.  I investigated buying a bulky freestanding air-conditioning unit, but they were very expensive and highly inefficient to run.  The alternative was evaporation air coolers which rely on a cold-water reservoir which constantly needs topping up. 

After conducting some research, I discovered that these type of air coolers only reduce the air temperature by 1 or 2°C within a small range.  As a last resort we considered buying an expensive luxury cooling fan, however these fans still only move and purify the air. 

Out of pure frustration with high-priced, bulky and inefficient air coolers I decided to invent a device that would cool the air to a safe level for babies and toddlers to sleep.  I started by experimenting with wet towels, ice packs and cool boxes placed in front and behind our tower fan to see if it would bring down the heat in the room.  After a few hours, the room had cooled only slightly by 1°C.  After a lot of head scratching an idea finally came to me… ‘Just cool the baby’s sleeping space!’  A lightbulb suddenly switched on above my head!  The space to be cooled is small, my invention would only need to cool and freshen air around the baby while they slept.  After many months of tinkering and testing with various ideas and cooling concepts the Cot Cool® was finally born - a compact device that simply attaches to a cot and gently cools your baby in hot weather or when the room is too warm.  The Cot Cool® device will also circulate fresh air around the cot dispersing any carbon dioxide build-up which research shows is hazardous to infants.

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