A Safe Night's Sleep







Cools by 6°C

Cools down the ambient air by 6°C and stops cooling at 16°C

Bladeless Design

No fan blades which means little fingers & long hair are safe.

Micro USB Power

Low voltage USB-C power supply

with plug to wall adaptor

Adjustable Bracket

Simply attach to a cot with the height adjustable bracket 

Digital Display

Large illuminated digital temperature display

Compact Size

Portable design, simple

for around the home & trips away


Cooled air flow outlet

Warm air inlet

Adjustable Bracket

Temperature display

Power button

Protective fabric cover


A Safe Night's Sleep

Cools your baby when it's warm.

Simply secure to your baby's cot using the fixing clamp, connect the USB lead and press the power button on. Cooling of your baby's sleep space will then begin. Warm ambient air around your baby will be cooled by 6°C (11°F), cooling will stop if the temperature display reaches 16°C (61°F). The Cot Cool can also be used standalone to cool your newborn baby and to help them with regulating their own body temperature.  Expectant mothers can use the Cot Cool before their little one arrives to help them keep cool at night - simply place it on your bedside table and let the cool air relieve your discomfort.

RRP £199



What is the weight of the Cot Cool?

The Cot Cool weighs approx 500g (1.10lbs).

How does the Cot Cool fit to a Cot?

The Cot Cool fits to the side rails of a cot/crib using the integrated bracket. The bracket securely holds and clamps the device firmly to the side rails. The Cot Cool position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

Does the Cot Cool use refrigerator chemicals?

No, the Cot Cool is a solid state compact cooler and does not use refrigeration liquid or a compressor to cool the air.

Is it possible to fit the Cot Cool to a moses basket or crib?

Not yet, we will be designing an add-on duct and special bracket in the near future for these items.

Will my baby get too cold when the Cot Cool is running?

No, the Cot Cool is designed to switch off when the lowest safe temperature is reached 16°C. The Cot Cool will cool by 6°C (11°F) and no more. For example, if the baby's area is 27°C then the Cot Cool will cool it to a safe temperature of 21°C.

How do I power the Cot Cool on & off?

There is a large power button on top of the Cot Cool, press once to power on or off.

I'm worried about the power cable to the Cot Cool.

The power cable is made safe by feeding it through a tube fitted to the outside of the cot rails. Cables enter this tube where the Cot Cool fits to a cot.

What size is the Cot Cool?

The Cot Cool measures 184 x 84 x 54mm (7.2 x 3.3 x 2.1") H x W x D excluding the bracket, and 184 x 84 x 101mm (7.2 x 3.3 x 4") including the bracket.

Does the Cot Cool use water?

No, the Cot Cool is a solid state compact cooler and does not use water or have a refillable water tank.

Is the Cot Cool noisy?

No, the sound of the air flowing out of the Cot Cool is low volume white noise and mimics the sounds of the womb.

Where else can the Cot Cool be used?

The Cot Cool can also be used on a playpen, freestanding on a coffee table (to cool a moses basket for example). It can also be used on a bedside table/nightstand to cool expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Will my baby feel a draught from the Cot Cool?

No, the Cot Cool produces a gentle flow of cooled air, just enough to circulate the air around a baby.

Is the Cot Cool battery powered?

No, the Cot Cool is powered by a low voltage USB-C connector like a mobile phone charger.

Is there an App for the Cot Cool?

Not yet, but we will be including an App for future models of the Cot Cool.

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