Cot Cool | Pre-Order - June 2022

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The Cot Cool® is the world's first active cooling device for babies, toddlers and expectant mothers.

  • Cools & ventilates your baby in warm weather.
  • Regulates your baby's body temperature. 
  • Actively cools the ambient air by 8°C, stops cooling at 16°C.
  • No fan blades, so little fingers and long hair are safe, 
  • Large digital display shows the cooled air temperature from the Cot Cool.
  • Height adjustable bracket designed to fit most wooden cots. 
  • Standalone option for toddlers and expectant mothers.
  • Compact and portable size ideal for around the home and trips away. 
  • USB-C power cable with plug to wall adaptor. 
  • Winner of the Baby Products Association Concept & Innovation Award 2019. 


The Award-Winning Cot Cool® helps your baby sleep safely when it is warm by circulating a gentle flow of cooled fresh air around their sleeping space.  The air flow noise from the Cot Cool® mimics the sounds of the womb which is proven to help your baby sleep.  Clever technology inside the Cot Cool® converts the surrounding warm air into cool fresh air without using hazardous refrigeration chemicals or a refillable water container.  Simple to operate and powered by a low voltage USB-C connector, the Cot Cool® is ideal for home or on your next family adventure away.


The Lullaby Trust state it is important to make sure that your baby is a comfortable temperature – not too hot or too cold.  The chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot.


Research by the NHS suggests that circulating the air while a baby sleeps could reduce the risk of cot death by 72%.


Invented & designed in the United Kingdom by a parent for parents. 


14 day returns if you change your mind. 1 year warranty. Free support.


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Cot Cool | Pre-Order - June 2022

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  • Safety tested to British and European Standards.

    Conforms to UKCA and CE electrical safety compliance. 

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